Ultimate Options Swing Trader Course

$199.00 / month

Learn to use the power of momentum in stocks and the amazing leverage and potentially lower risk of options to setup swing trades. The class includes an intoduction to swing trading, rules, basic trend analysis, technical analysis and exit protocols.


The "Ultimate Options Swing Trader Course" class is two live 2-hour online webinars taught by OpenTradez.com In this workshop we will discuss all aspects of one of the most powerful and important force in the markets, momentum. We will discuss how traders can use the powerful leverage of options to exploit the momentum price moves in stocks that can last three to five days. This style of trading is less time intensive than Day-Trading but still requires active management from the trader.  Each of the 2 modules will focus on different lessons including; intro to swing trading, rules, basic trend analysis, technical indicators, options selection, risk management, probability based entries and detailed exit protocols as well as any other topics that may arise from your participation in class. Included with the enrollment of this class is a complete manual containing pictures and detailed descriptions of the setups and access to the recording of the class for 30 days. The live class will begin on Wednesday May 19th from 7 PM to 9 PM Eastern and continue on Thursday May 20th from 7PM to 9PM CST. Do not miss this live class on the  most powerful option Swing Trading strategy you will ever see!


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