Ultimate Options Day Trader Course

$199.00 / month


The "Ultimate Options Day Trader Course" class is 5 2 hour on-demand webinars taught at OpenTradez.com

In this workshop, we will discuss all aspects of one of the most powerful and important options day-trading strategies ever developed. This strategy leverages the powerful SPY option structure to create massive leverage with managed risk and exploits 8 very specific and narrowly defined trade setups. Each of the 5 modules will focus on different lessons including; key chart patterns, technical indicators, options selection, profit-taking, risk management, a detailed discussion of performance tracking and performance standards, key trading times, probability-based entries along with any other topics that may arise from your participation in class.

Included with the enrollment of this class is a complete manual containing pictures and detailed descriptions of the setups.

Do not miss this live class on the most amazing day trading strategy you will ever see!


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