New Class: "EOD 2.0 The Long and the Short of It"

This unprecedented live online class will be taught over a series of six sessions during the final hour of trading so that we can use real time unfunded examples of this incredibly powerful trading strategy.

Join now to learn:

1. Why trading the close may be the best trading opportunity all day!
2. Understand why trading the S&P Index options may offer the biggest advantage!
3. Learn how, and when, to use credit spreads to offer limited risk in the closing minutes.
4. Learn when a long only option may be the better choice.
5. How to potentially “supercharge” your returns on long option trades into the close.

This class will include a detailed manual containing the entire slide deck for the class and as a bonus you will have access to a recorded archive of every class for a full 30 days after the class is over.

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