OpenTradez was founded by a former police officer and current professional trading educator, Bill Corcoran. We believe that successful trading is built with a foundation of healthy risk management and trading psychology. The OpenTradez team has helped hundreds of people gain financial freedom through trading.

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Bill’s Story

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First, a word of warning; if you are looking for the stock market to be a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, you are going to be disappointed and you might as well leave. Learning to trade will not be quick, easy or cheap. If you are looking for quick, easy or cheap, it’s time for you to go somewhere else.

Get used to it, that’s just me, brutally honest. My name is Bill Corcoran and I have been teaching traders how to trade the stock and options markets for nearly a decade. In fact, for the past five years I have spent nearly every single morning in an online trading room teaching and trading the options market in real time with literally hundreds of eyeballs watching my every move.

I didn’t start out there, of course. My path to trading started when I lost over half of my retirement in the market crash of 2000. I wasn’t trading back then; I was a police officer investing in a 401K for my retirement. I was furious when I learned that I had paid a financial advisor to lose over half of my money!

I left law enforcement and started my own business in 2002. I was good at it but it took all my time and ultimately cost me my marriage. One night I saw an infomercial about a workshop on trading the stock market. Against the “advice” of friends and family I went to the workshop and was instantly hooked. I saw a way that I could make money without employees or clients and without paying a financial advisor.

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I started trading real money in the market within weeks and started making, and losing big money. I did make some money but I knew that I needed to learn more. I went to work for the company and learned that I was my own biggest obstacle when it came to trading.

In time, I became a very good trader and was asked to be one of the company’s instructors. Soon after that I started teaching in my own trading room. Ultimately, I became the CEO of a well-known Trading Education Company that I learned about on a TV commercial.

Isn’t that a wild story? A former police officer learns to trade the markets and becomes the CEO of a multi-million- dollar trading education company. Crazy, right?
I don’t tell you that story to impress you, I tell it to impress on you what is possible if you will just put your mind to it, get educated and then act. Trading can offer an amazing lifestyle but only to those who are stubborn enough to stick to it and are willing to make the investment.

That company that I worked for, they were bought out. So what did I do? I started because I knew that there were still a lot of people out there, regular people, who are ready to live an amazing lifestyle and to do it through trading.

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What some past students have to say about Bill

"I can’t thank you enough. Learning how to trade, and now teaching our kids, will affect the success of our family for generations."

“The education that is provided is detailed, easy to understand and entertaining.”

“I enjoy Bill’s class because he makes it very easy to follow, he is detailed in his teachings and entertaining. Never a boring day!”

“One of Bill’s special gifts is his ability to motivate us every day, instill in us all to read self-help books, to always be learning, stay in shape, focus with an unbiased look at the market and to work the process. All key elements to mastering the markets”

“I met Bill back in 2015 at a seminar that he was hosting for another company and have followed him ever since”

“ Bill is a genuine, down-to-earth guy that wants to really help you succeed in the market as well in your own life.”