In any field that requires a high degree of commitment and excellence to be successful, one can identify a few key elements to attaining success. These “success ingredients” are definitely necessary to become a successful trader. Here are a few of the success ingredients that I teach in My Online Options Room “The Morning Lab”:

1) Choose To Be Successful

Through action or through inaction, we determine our own destiny.

If you are not where you’d like to be it’s because you did not become the architect of a successful future. Life happened to you, you didn’t happen to it.

Change that today and become the architect of an abundant future.

2) Establish Your Goal In Writing

If you fail to write down your goal you will likely fail to achieve it. Your goal must become singular, burning desire if you are to accomplish it.

3)  Eliminate All Excuses

Using excuses to avoid making difficult decisions is the surest path to mediocrity and failure.

4) Invest In Your Success

The level of success you will achieve is directly related to the time, energy, and money you invest in it.

Minimal investments typically yield minimal results.

5) Eliminate Negativity

Negative people will create negative thoughts and emotions that will erode your confidence, belief and ability.

6) Select A Mentor

Learning a difficult skill takes time, repetition and reinforcement.

Find someone who has done what you seek to accomplish and commit to spend time learning from them.

Modeling successful behavior is the fastest path to success.

7) Learn Something New Every Day

New skills, ability and talent will propel you toward success.

Make an investment in yourself by learning new material from books, seminars, DVD’s, workshops and mastermind groups every single day.

8) Surround Yourself With Successful People

Find a group of successful, forward thinking people who share your goals and desires. They will reinforce and encourage your success. Spend at least two days a week with your mastermind group.

9) Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

All learning, growth and progress begins when you leave your comfort zone. Do something every day that makes you uncomfortable.

10) Learn To Use Positive Affirmations

Words are especially powerful when we use them on ourselves.

Everybody uses affirmations every single day in our internal dialogue.

Successful people use positive affirmations to create and strengthen beneficial behaviors and to create desired results.

11) Commit To Lifelong Learning

You can never learn less but many people refuse to learn more. Constant learning is the lifeblood of success.

12) Never, Ever Give Up

Above all else, determination is the one factor that separates those who have become wildly successful and those who “almost did”.  You can’t lose until you quit, so don’t.

13) Take risks

Successful people do not fear risk, they master it! When an opportunity knocks, answer!

14) Avoid Unnecessary Setbacks

No matter what path you take to achieve financial success, the path will be smoother, faster and more easily traveled if you make the investment in and take the time to learn to use the right tools.

15) Be Resourceful

The pursuit of success will require an investment in time, energy and money.

Finding and applying these resources should never stand in the way of your objective.

Successful people find a way, everyone else finds an excuse.

16) Stay Involved And Connected

Isolation allows negativity, doubt and uncertainty to creep into your mind.

Go to live workshops, network with other people.

17) Contribute and Donate

The vast majority of successful people consider charitable giving to be a cornerstone to their success.

Giving always produces handsome returns and you never regret doing something nice for someone.

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